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Frequently Asked Questions for your cattery visit:

Must my kitty be vaccinated?

Yes, your kitty must be vaccinated, dewormed and de-flea'd.

  • We require you present you cat's vaccination passport during check-in

As well, your kitty must be in good health...if your kitty is unwell, we won't be able to accept them at check-in.  Please call us if you need advice, or see your local vet.

Finally, we are unable to accommodate un-neutered male cats over 6-months of age.

What do I need to bring, besides my cat?

To ensure a safe/clean journey for check-in, we advise not feeding your pet for at least 4 hours prior to the journey...we will offer food shortly after your loved one is checked-in, and this helps calm them down in their new short-stay home.  Here are some additional check-in advice...

  • We encourage kitty parents to settle kitty into their chalet

  • We also encourage kitty parents to bring along a favourite (unwashed) blanket or bed

  • Kitty parents are more than welcome to bring along kitty's own regular food, bedding and kitty litter

  • Please remove any collars

  • Please ensure that kitty is transported to the hotel in a safe pet carrier

How can I check on my pet during their stay?

We spend time with all our feline visitors, each and every day.  If you are anxious about your pet's first stay, or just in general, Imelda can arrange walks, brushing, or extra play time, and you can ask for video updates, to confirm all is well.  (don't be surprised if your little ball of fur is too busy playing with their toys, to pay any attention to the camera!)

My pet has a special diet. Can their needs be accommodated?

We supply the very best of kitten and cat food, with our standard Royal Canin.   If you wish to bring your own private dietary supply, we will ensure your love one's get their private menu.   We provide each visitor with dry and soft cat foods, and of course, plenty of water.  Their food station is cleaned and refreshed twice a day, before each meal.

When are your check-in/check-out times?

Check-in / Check-out times: 

  • Mon-Fri:    

    • Morning: 10.30am - 11.00am

    • Evening: 5.30pm - 6.00pm

  • Sat:          

    • 10.30am - 11.00am

  • Sunday: Closed

(Check-in/Check-out flexibility: we are very flexible and open to discuss an agreement to accommodate check-ins and check-outs outside of our normal opening hours)

What if something goes wrong while I'm not there to help my kitty?

Truffle Lodge Kitty Care has a terrific relationship with the local cat vets, and if anything should ever require professional vet care, we would first contact you and ensure you are happy to pursue a course of action.

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